Recovery Techniques You Need to Learn

In the past few weeks we’ve mentioned sleep at least twice in the Wellness Wednesday posts, and for good reason. Recovery techniques are the topic on everyone’s radar because we are learning that it makes all the difference when it comes to overall performance. 

Sleep is the number one contributor to recovery, no doubt. But there are many more things that help you recover, as well. These include stress level, diet, and hydration. 

However, today, we’re not covering any of those today! Today we’re talking about another component, recovery techniques. Here are three to incorporate into your routine now:

  1. Self-Myofascial Release: If you have a foam roller, you’re in business here. Use your foam roller to work out knots in any muscle group on your body. Our favorites include “smashing” your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.
  2. Professional Massage: Really feel like treating yourself? Get a professional massage. These can be expensive, but NOTHING is better than professional body work to work out those kinks. Guarantee it will be the best hour of your week.
  3. Recovery Yoga: The distinction here is that you need to doing recovery yoga, not power yoga, hot yoga, or anything that is going to make your heart rate elevate and your muscles burn. Essentially, this is stretching, but it is guided by a professional and will be a well-balanced routine.

Try those out, and let us know if they help you feel better!