Pre-Workout Recipe – Bubbly RedLeaf

pre-workout recipe

What are two of the most commonly consumed beverages around our office (besides RedLeaf, of course)? Coffee and the most famous of all millennial drinks, La Croix. One day, our team was sick of coffee, and in need of a pick me up before our scheduled workout. What happened next was a pretty great accident. Someone recommended we try out a new pre-workout recipe, a sparkling pre-workout drink.

This is among the most simple recipe you’ll ever encounter, but also among the most useful. It’s important to shake your RedLeaf with less water than usual, as the bubbly water will lower the amount of flavor you taste. Plus, an excessive amount of water added to more bubbly water will make your drink seem like a bad lemonade. Yuck.

The brand of sparkling water doesn’t matter. Whether you use Spindrift, La Croix, San Pellegrino, or a store brand has zero impact on this drink. What does is the flavor you choose.

For the cranberry-lime flavor of RedLeaf we’re big fans of either lime sparkling water, or original. With the blueberry-acai RedLeaf, we went with lemon flavor. Have fun with it, and see what your favorite flavor combos are!

Pre-Workout Recipe | Sparkling RedLeaf


  • 1 Serving favorite RedLeaf flavor
  • 2-4 ounces of still water
  • 12 ounces sparkling water


  1. Add the RedLeaf to a large glass or shaker bottle. Add enough water just to dissolve the RedLeaf. You don’t want this to be thin at all. Get any clumps mixed well, and don’t add any more water.
  2. Pour in the sparkling water, and stir with a spoon. Do not shake, as it will explode (made this mistake before, don’t do it).
  3. Add ice according to how cold you like your drinks, and enjoy!