Happy Thanksgiving!


All too often, Thanksgiving is boiled (pardon the food pun) down to two things: football and food.

We love both things, football and food, but they’ve overpowered the true focus of Thanksgiving: family and friends. Yes, we can be thankful for the delicious food, and we can enjoy the football games all day. But, if that becomes the reason for the holiday, we’ve missed the point.

Thanksgiving Food

Where can food be really important on this holiday? Well, other than being delicious, it can actually help you connect with your family. Both present and past.

For example, for many families, their mom or grandma has a particular pie, stuffing, or gravy recipe that simply cannot be beaten to them. It has a ton of nostalgia built in, and for those who have lost a loved one, that food can mean even more.

This year, while enjoying grandma’s famous stuffing, pie, or green bean casserole, take a second to either tell her how much you love it, or share a story about her if she’s no longer with you. Take the time to have food be a tool toward the end goal – connection – rather than the end destination.

Thanksgiving “Health”

At ISN, we believe in physical, emotional, and mental health. We know on Thanksgiving we are potentially making choices which negatively impact our physical health. And that’s ok. Because taking this time and connecting with the ones you love, building relationships, can be extremely impactful on your overall health. 

So take that time this year.

Happy Thanksgiving, from our ISN family, to yours.