Enjoy Memorial Day Weekend with No Guilt

Somehow it is already the end of May, which means Memorial Day is right around the corner and so is Memorial Day Weekend.

Whether you’re spending your holiday weekend at the lake, beach, or right at home, the festivities aren’t an excuse to say, “bye, Felicia” to your healthy habits!

We want you to enjoy Memorial Day Weekend with no guilt, so today we are giving you some tips on how to have a healthy AND fun holiday weekend.

Choose where you will splurge

Are there certain foods that you look forward to eating on Memorial Day Weekend? Maybe it’s your grandma’s lemon bars or American Flag cake, or your dad’s famous cheeseburgers on the grill with potato salad. Or maybe you can’t wait to enjoy some adult beverages while you chill on the lake.

Everyone looks forward to some kind of treat, whether that’s a meal or beverage, on a holiday weekend and that is absolutely GREAT! You should be able to enjoy splurging in moderation. And that is the key- splurge with intention. What does that mean?

It means that if you know you absolutely have to have that cheeseburger and potato salad for lunch, have a balanced breakfast with lean protein, and lots of fruits and veggies.

If you know you are absolutely going to splurge on a few desserts after dinner, try to make some healthy substitutions at dinner like switching out your cheeseburger for a grilled chicken breast and have veggies instead of potatoes.

You should be able to splurge and enjoy the things you love without guilt or feeling like you have to skip a meal to “allow” for your splurge! Eat well for 80-90% of the day and then choose where you want to splurge on an item or item(s)! Not only will you feel better mentally about your splurge, but you will avoid a nasty stomach ache from too many treats!


If given the choice between two foods or beverages, opt for the healthier choice when possible.

For example if everyone around you is drinking a heavy, more calorie-dense beer, choose a lighter alternative or try drinking a spiked seltzer like Truly. You will still get to be a part of the crowd and enjoy a tasty beverage but without the surplus of carbs and calories that accompany a heavier beer.

Bring your own healthy snacks on the boat or to the beach so that when your friends and family break out the chips and candy, you have something to snack on! Some great healthy snacks to bring in your bag include dried fruit, veggies, hummus and Nut Thins, and mixed nuts.

Having alternative options can help you to stay on track on the small things so that when it comes time to splurge on something you really want, you can do so with zero guilt!


Hydration is not talked about enough when it comes to maintaining healthy habits during the holidays, but it is one of the more important efforts you should make this weekend!

Staying hydrated will ensure a few things:

When the body is thirsty, we can often mistake that need for water as hunger. If you are surrounded by delicious snacks, meals, and alcoholic and/or sugary beverages, you are more likely to overeat if you are under-hydrated. Avoid the extra calories by making sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, including with your meals!

You will stay safe during your outdoor activities! This is important for those of you who will be out in the sun, on the lake, or at the beach. Make sure to pack plenty of water in addition to all the other beverages in your cooler. A good strategy to aim for is for every non-water beverage you consume, try to have at least one bottle of water!


We’ve said this one in every holiday or vacation blog we have ever written and there is a reason!

You may be taking it easy this holiday weekend and that is absolutely well-earned and deserved. But try to make time for at least 20-30 minutes of exercise at least twice over the weekend.

The holidays are a great time to give your body a little R&R, but four days off from all activity can make it really difficult to get back in the gym come Tuesday morning.

You don’t need to go as hard as you normally would, but try to move your body as often as you can. You’ll thank us for it…we promise.

If you need ideas for fun workouts you can do this holiday weekend, check out some of our recent workout blogs here: running, bodyweight workout, intervals.

When it comes to having a healthy holiday weekend, the most important thing to remember is to be present.

These are the memories you look back on years and years down the road and think, “wow, that was fun.” These are the moments that life is all about. Spending and enjoying quality time with the people you love should be priority #1 for all of us this weekend.

Make healthy substitutions where you can, drink water, enjoy the foods and drinks you’ve been looking forward to, and R E L A X! The memories you make this weekend are more important than that extra piece of cake or bag of chips.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend, fam!

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