Let’s Start with a Simple Truth

We are all athletes. “We” means the stay-at-home mother caring for her kids. “We” also means the software developer who spends most of their day in front of a screen. “We” especially means the people that have tried to kickstart a healthy life more than once in their life. We are all athletes.

It’s not important how we use our athletic ability, it’s important that we acknowledge it. Whether we use that ability for competitive sports or for playful recreation, reaching our potential means something different for everyone. Reaching that potential helps us all lead a more functional and full life.

Sports and Exercise

A Community Built on Family

The Strohls have always had a close connection with fitness and a close connection with each other. When the opportunity presented itself to invest in a company that could help turn their passion for healthy living into a network to help others do the same, the entire family jumped at the chance. Mike, Valerie, and Claire all work on improving the ISN community and products.

The Strohls

Mike Strohl, Integrated Sports Nutrition

Mike Strohl


Valerie Strohl, Integrated Sports Nutrition

Valerie Strohl

Director of Media

Claire Strohl, Integrated Sports Nutrition

Claire Strohl

Director of Business Development

Energy to Conquer Your Everyday Life