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I love this pre-workout! I have tried many "natural" ones. This one has a great taste and gives me an energy boost that I am looking for without any jitters. It only has 40mg of caffeine per serving so you aren't getting too much caffeine either which is good. The only thing to be aware of is it may giving you a slight burning sensation if you drink it quickly. I usually feel it in my face. I'm used to it now and kind of like it!!
This was my first time trying preworkout. All I know is I felt the energy flow, did my workout and felt incredible and energized all day but at the end slept great. Normally I drag through a day and have difficulty sleeping so I'm lovin this.
I am really digging this product.  I consistently lift 4-5 days a week in the mornings before I go to work starting at 4:30, then cardio most days afterwards rowing/running, HIIT, or kickboxing.  With this product, I can use one scoop in the morning before lifting and it gives me just enough of a little boost to be awake and hit the weights hard.  I feel a lot better about putting this into my body than I did about the other stuff.  Plus, with the added BCAA's, my recovery time is improving and I am able to do more in one day each session.
My boyfriend originally bought this for himself but I started using it after he praised it so often! I get it though, this stuff is amazing. We use it before our workouts and I use half a scoop mixed with just water to do the trick for me! The flavor is great and mixes really well. We’ve already ordered our second bottle as we are very pleased with this pre-workout; definitely recommend you give it a try!
Red Leaf is easily the best tasting pre-workout I’ve ever tried. I know firsthand how hard it was for ISN to formulate a product with well-researched ingredients and a light, refreshing taste. But Red Leaf is the real deal. I’m sensitive to caffeine, so the milder dose was a great fit for all the athletes like me who don’t want to get super jacked up – only to crash a few hours later. Red Leaf is the only pre-workout I’ve used for the last five years and that won’t change any time soon.

I've used RARI, Pure Pump, Vintage Blast, and Athlean-X pre work outs and this one works best for me. It's almost a "fluffy" powder, it mixes real well and dissolves instantly. It tastes great too! not too sweet or tarty, nor chalky either.

I feel it kick in about 20-30 min. It lasts for a good hour and a half with fuelled pumps, not raging pumps like some others. It tapers off gradually with no crash. It really is an ideal pre work. It's worth a try.

I enjoy this pre-workout. I worked a 12 hour shift in construction and drank one serving before work and I had energy all day with no crash. I also didn't feel a huge "pump" like other pre-workouts but that is why I bought this one.
I tried the pre-workout energy powder this morning before riding the Peloton. Not only did the product taste great, but I had a lot of energy during a pretty difficult ride! I'm also 17-weeks pregnant, so finding energy these days is not easy. The Red Leaf product provided a great outcome. Looking forward to using it more!

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